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Queensland Garden Expo Update

July 2019


We have finely been moved from the top pavilion to make way for the Floral art as the stairs to their space have been deemed unsafe and been moved to the Scout Hall, just down from the stables. This also includes the space surrounding the hall, and three car parking spaces behind the hall.

This could be a great move for us as we will be more in the centre of things,

* closer to car parking

* no need for a cloak room as we are next to the plant cloak room

* handy to coffee (most important!) and toilets

* wheel chair access

* more walk past traffic

The idea is to make the most of the space we have, using some of

the outside space for stall sites as well.

Using our large marquee and some smaller, we will set up the children’s classes and some stalls outside. Inside tables will be set up around the walls and through the centre with limited to no sitting areas.

There is also limited hanging space, so be inventive. I have some ideas myself to create another hanging area as well.

Expression of interest welcome, let me know if you would be interested in being inside the hall or outside or you don’t mind, keeping in mind covering up at night (for outside stalls) remember there is security at all times as well.

With great signage and banners we could really stand out. I am super

positive about our new space.


call or text :-0437536110 or email katrina.shepherd2@bigpond.com

Application forms out next meeting in April

Cheers Katrina (: